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    Kerry vet aide's extremist history Here’s an article that confirms everything we’ve heard about sKerry and friends.  A quick Google search on “Joe Bangert” authenticates most everything the article says bout Bangert and his lying friend, sKerry. The VVAW website ( ) says “Joe Bangert served with VMO-6 (Marine Observation Squadron 6) in Quang Tri, Vietnam, 1968-1969. Bangert joined VVAW during the summer of 1970 and participated in Operation RAW, WSI and Operation Dewey Canyon III in Washington, D.C.”  You can also search the same site and find several articles associated with, or by him.  Try: THAT will make your blood boil!!!   Then, to keep the boil going, try: Note that, in the article, Bangert is claiming that “Vietnamese troops under U.S. command” committed atrocities – including shooting a woman, disemboweling her, and then skinning her.  He was working out of Quang Tri – that means he’s either talking about my outfit or Co. C, 5th Special Forces – either way, he’s a lying S.O.B.!! We MUST NOT let sKerry become president!! 

Randy Givens


A John Kerry veterans' organizer lived in Hanoi for five years in the 1990s, testified that American troops skinned and crucified Vietnamese in the 1960s and joined the presidential candidate at an infamous 1971 meeting of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War executive committee in which the assassination of U.S. senators was debated, Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin reports. Joe Bangert, a Massachusetts English teacher and longtime friend of the junior senator, has campaigned with Kerry in several states and serves the campaign as a veterans' organizer. At the Winter Soldier Investigation, sponsored by Jane Fonda and the VVAW in 1971, Bangert told some of the most hair-raising stories, reveals a report in the latest issue of the premium, online intelligence newsletter published by WorldNetDaily. The former Marine who claims to have served with the Marine Observation Squadron with the First Marine Air Wing in 1968 said the atrocities he witnessed began on his first day in country.
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