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The home of The UAV's. Urban Assault Vehicle's against John F. Kerry
My mission as  One Combat Veteran against Mr. Kerry is to enlist as many individuals as I can to help stop John F. Kerry from getting elected President of the United States of America this November.
Please look over the photo's of my truck (UAV) carefully. As just one individual, I was frustrated about what I could afford to do to help defeat Kerry in this election. Advertising, was too expensive and would not reach many folks. Donations to National Organizations did not seem personal enough and who knows where the money is really spent.
I decided to turn my truck into a UAV, a rolling billboard in my quest to defeat Mr. Kerry. This way I could at least get the folks around me to discuss the election among themselves while we are all stuck in traffic together or in parking lots. One traffic jam and one parking lot at a time. It has worked out better than I had ever imagined or hoped for. Even better, I am exercising my First Amendment right to free speech. Hooray for Freedom!
I have watched as many quite animated conversations have been sparked in the vehicles near me. The best one's seem to occur in vehicles where the young folks inside ask their parents why my UAV looks the way that it does. Awareness is a wonderful thing, and children have that special talent of asking: "Why?"
So here I am asking you to help out and spend a little money on yourselves to make your own UAV.
Any type of vehicle can become a UAV. I would love to see an entire army of Trucks, Cars, Semi's, Trailers. RV's, Boats, Airplanes, and Motorcycles, out prowling the highways and byways of our country. Each one in it's own way making a real difference.
Using today's easily available commercial lettering, you can do this just like I have. This type of vinyl lettering is fairly easy to apply, and very easy to remove. It sticks to glass, metal, paint, fiberglass and most other surfaces. at worst it may leave a slight amount of adhesive behind that cleans right off easily. I have included a website link to the site where I ordered mine on my Links page. I applied them myself. However there will be someone right near you can also do this for you. Prices can range from affordable to absurd so shop around. I spent around $100.00 to do my UAV lettering as you see it.
All that I ask is the you keep it in good taste. Stick to facts and informative websites, use good judgment and grammar in your own signage. Exude confidence, it drives them nuts! You will be responsible for what you put on your vehicle.
I put the word "TRAITOR" on my tailgate, because I have on two occasions, decades apart, called him that to his face. He did not dispute my remark at those times.
I challenge all who have read the above to do as I have done. Start your own UAV today Let's take our cause to the streets and mall parking lots of America. Mr. Kerry presents a clear and present danger to America. Remember, the country that we are defending in this cause is our own. We must go on the offensive if we want truth and honor to prevail in this presidential election. We can become an "Army of 1's."

Please check back with my site often, I will try to keep this site interesting and fun to view. As you produce you own UAV's, please send me photo's to post on this site. Keep in mind..."they" have bumper stickers and buttons..."we" have UAV's.




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